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Stops My Mind from Wondering

"Instead, I try to adjust to the dawn, letting the tears fall where they may, beause it is morning; it is morning and there is so much to see."
- Libba Bray
Led Zeppelin All My Love
Led Zeppelin
All My Love


All My Love // Led Zeppelin

36 years ago today, Karac Pendragon Plant, son of Led Zeppelin frontman, Robert Plant, died of an unidentified viral infection. He was 5 years old. 

Two years later, Robert dedicated this song, “All My Love”, to Karac.


Go Into The Woods December 25.


Go Into The Woods December 25.




you know what’s really fucking cool about quidditch?

there arent separate teams for boys and girls

wizards don’t give a shit what your gender is as long as you can hold your own on the pitch

muggle sports should take note

one of the coolest things about the hp universe in general is that, because guys and girls are equally good at magic, girls aren’t physically at a disadvantage in fights so it seems like the wizarding world didn’t have sexism

Ok, as much as I appreciate this post, there’s a reason sports in real life are separated by gender. It’s not sexism, it’s the fact that, let’s say, men can run a faster 5k than women can. Or the fact that men’s bodies can exert and sustain more force than women can. You don’t need that in Quidditch because, with the exception of beaters, it’s a fairly non-contact sport and everyone goes exactly as fast as their broom can take them. I understand arguing that women’s sports should get the same media representation, funding, etc. as men’s sports do, but there’s definitely a fair and logical reason that women and men play in separate competitions.


I wish I was your favorite memory…

AC/DC Highway To Hell
Highway To Hell
Neil Diamond Sweet Caroline
Neil Diamond
Sweet Caroline